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The Cheetah - Automatic Cooking Machine - Robosouschef

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  • Auto Cleaning System

  • Cooking on a Click

  • Massive CLoud recipes

  • SMoke Free Environment


Introducing the RoboSousChef, a revolutionary culinary solution, and your ultimate kitchen companion. This sleek and compact powerhouse, measuring 22 x 24 x 56 inches (1.8 x 2.0 x 4.7 feet), is not just a cooking appliance – it's your very own Robot Chef, a robotic cooking machine designed to transform your kitchen operations.

Key Features:

  • Powerful Performance:

    • 5.5KW engine for efficient cooking.
    • Voltage requirement: 220V.
  • Versatile Capacity:

    • Handles 0.5KG (1.1 LBS) to 5KG (11 LBS) of ingredients per session.
    • Perfect for high-demand culinary environments, this kitchen robot machine delivers exceptional results.
  • Sturdy Build:

    • Weighs 130KG (287 LBS) for durability.
    • Engineered to withstand daily use.
  • Precision Engineering:

    • Water inlet requires a pressure not less than 0.2mpa.
    • Blow-down specifications: Pipe diameter > 60mm, drain outlet > 100mm above the ground.

Application Scenarios:

Experience the RoboSousChef in a variety of commercial settings, from hotels and take-out shops to cafeterias and government agency canteens. Whether you operate a bustling high-speed service area restaurant or a renowned chain hotel restaurant, this automatic cooking machine is the ultimate kitchen robot, tailored to meet your culinary needs.

Comprehensive Solution:

More than just a cooking appliance, the RoboSousChef is a comprehensive solution that seamlessly fuses cutting-edge technology with culinary excellence. Elevate your kitchen operations, enhance efficiency, and exceed customer expectations with the RoboSousChef – where innovation meets flavor.

Upgrade Your Kitchen Today with the Robot Chef – your trusted robotic cooking machine and Kitchen Robot.


Product Size   21.65 X 23.62 X 56.29 IN (1.8 X 2.0 X 4.7 FT.)
Power 5.5 KW (220 V)
Cooking Capacity (1~3.0 KG) (2.2~6.61 LBS)
Seasoning Bottles 3 * 3.3 L + 4 * 1.5 L (15.9 L)
Weight 130 KG (287 LBS)


  • Best for Catering Companies
  • Best for commercial kitchens
  • Best for Hotels & Restaurants
  • Best for Gas Stations

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