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The Panda - Automatic Cooking Machine - Robosouschef

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  • Auto Cleaning System

  • Cooking on a Click

  • Massive CLoud recipes

  • SMoke Free Environment

Introducing the Panda by RoboSousChef, the heavyweight champion of culinary prowess. This impressive machine is designed to tackle large-scale cooking tasks with ease and precision, making it the ultimate choice for bulk cooking operations. Whether you're catering for a crowd or running a high-volume food service business, the Panda has you covered.

Key Features:

Massive Capacity: A larger capacity, heavy-weight machine, the Panda cooks a variety of dishes fast and with precision. It is the perfect choice for bulk cooking preparing 5-80 servings at a time! Need to produce a series of full-sized hotel pans (21" x 13" x 4") in a short time? The Panda is your machine.

Versatile Cooking: Just like its counterpart, the Cheetah, the Panda can cook an extensive range of dishes to perfection. From stir-fries and stews to curries and pasta, this machine delivers spectacular results every time.

Caterer's Dream: Need to churn out a series of full-sized catering dishes in record time? Look no further than the Panda. Its robust performance and generous capacity make it an indispensable tool for catering events of all sizes.

Effortless Operation: Whether you're preparing for a fundraising event, wedding, or graduation party, the Panda takes the stress out of cooking. Simply load up the ingredients, select your settings, and let the Panda work its magic.

Expand Your Business: Looking to scale up your food service operations? The Panda is your ticket to success. From buffets and cafeterias to schools and amusement park stalls, this machine empowers you to produce high-quality meals with speed and precision, all while keeping costs low.

Upgrade your kitchen today with the Panda by RoboSousChef – the ultimate cooking companion for culinary professionals everywhere. Experience the difference that precision engineering and innovative design can make in your kitchen operations. Elevate your dishes, enhance efficiency, and exceed expectations with the Panda by your side.


 Size 51" Wide x 43" Deep x 76" Tall
Voltage and Power 380V (480V adapter included) 25kw
Servings Per Hour Up to 320 Servings
5-80 Servings a time (55 LBs) FULL HOTEL PAN (21" x 13" x 4")

  • Best for Catering Companies
  • Best for commercial kitchens
  • Best for Hotels & Restaurants
  • Best for Gas Stations

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